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Employee Superannuation Due Dates

Due dates for paying employee superannuation contributions in Australia occur four times a year. 01 January to 31 March PeriodPayment is due 28 April 01 April to 30 June PeriodPayment is due 28 July 01 July to 30 September PeriodPayment is due 28 October 01 October to 31 December PeriodPayment is due 28 January You …

BAS due soon 28 July

BAS Quarterly Due

BAS is due in one month As a reminder to all the Australian business owners, the fourth quarter of BAS will due on July 28. Again,  we would like to remind you of some key information in regard to your BAS lodgement this quarter. According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), key things to remember …

BAS is due on ine week

BAS is due this week

Your quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) reporting will be due on 28 April 2019. That is just in a few days! Have you got your bookkeeping all sorted and ready to be submitted to the ATO yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t, there is still time! Contact Value Bookkeeping today and our experienced accountants will …

Have an eggciting easter

Happy Easter

Value Bookkeeping wishing you an Eggciting Easter 🐰!

Meet Victor

Meet Victor

New Virtual Assitant is Now at Value Bookkeeping! Have you noticed something new on our website’s home page? Our new virtual assistant Victor is now available 24/7 to answer all the questions you may have about our service. Look no further, just click on the chat icon located on the right bottom of our homepage …

BAS is due soon 28 April

BAS is Due Soon!

BAS is Due in One Month! It is the time of the year to lodge your BAS again, are you ready? Your quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) reporting will be due on 28 April 2019. According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), key things to remember when preparing your BAS lodgement: 1.Lodging online means you …

Solving your bookkeeping challenges

Check out our latest video, Value Bookkeeping is here to help with your bookkeeping needs.    

Hubdoc promo for new customers

Business Launch Promo

We are excited to announce an offer to help customers get Hubdoc for FREE for the first month. Moving to Hubdoc is a great way to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in your business. As a certified Hubdoc Partner, Value Bookkeeping can help get the most our of this great service. Utilise Value Bookkeeping for …

Value Bookkeeping launching today

Value Bookkeeping the modern affordable service

Taking bookkeeping to a new level with a focus on efficient bookkeeping practices, utilising cloud based services, performed by experienced accountants and all delivered in a simple easy to use attractively priced no contract service model. Value Bookkeeping aims to make bookkeeping, an easy to source as needed, more efficient, most cost effective process for …