BAS Quarterly Due

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BAS due soon 28 July

BAS Quarterly Due

BAS is due in one month

As a reminder to all the Australian business owners, the fourth quarter of BAS will due on July 28.

Again,  we would like to remind you of some key information in regard to your BAS lodgement this quarter.

According to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), key things to remember when preparing your BAS lodgement:

1.Lodging online means you may be eligible for a two-week concession to lodge and pay your quarterly business BAS;

2. Due date for  4rd Quarter (April, May, June) is due on 28 July;

3. A Registered Tax or BAS agent can lodge on your behalf;

4. To avoid potential charges and penalties, business should lodge and pay their BAS on time;

5. Business must still lodge the BAS even if it is having trouble paying;

Feeling Stressed With the Due Date Already?

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